Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Holy Buckets Part Two!

My new computer is now on speaking terms with my camera, so I can write an entry that does sufficient justice to Cara's marvelous final Better Pal gift.

First, there is a box of her art cards. Folks, if you need cards, get them from Cara. They are breathtaking.

Then there are the sheep. A mama sheep and a baby sheep. I have managed to retain ownership of the mama sheep. She sat on the back of my chair while I finished the Class Sweater and is now on top of my computer while I finish my pattern. A knitting mascot!

A sparkly purse (Bean refused to let me take it out of her grasp for photographing) and lollipops. Cara has been so wonderful about including my daughter in all of this. Bean is just thrilled with all of the fun, princessy treasures Cara has sent her.

Socks That Rock! A skein of the medium weight in Ruby Slippers which is a variety of gorgeous reds. I think I'm going to use the Diamond Fantasy Shawl/Scarf pattern. A skein of the light weight in Hot Flash - fabulous pinks ranging from a magenta to fushcia to a softer pink. And a skein of Rolling Stone - chartruese, purple, maroon, red, and a mallard/teal green.

Thank you so much, Cara!