Saturday, February 25, 2006

Holy Buckets!

My Better Pal is Cara!

And wow. WOW! WOWEE!

She's sent me two fabulous gifts, but this third one knocked my socks off. Pun intended.

Dude, you rock.

We don't have the camera hooked back up yet after Printer Wars '06, but that is now top priority. I'm going to wait to describe the glory of this package until I can post pictures because I don't think I can do it justice with words! Let's just say that STR is only the start.

Now, here's where it gets very interesting. My BP giftee is Carole.

Carole has her Masters in Library Science (MLS). I think Cara has her MLS. But, what I've never posted about here (that I can recall), is that I have an MLS!

Very cool coincidence.

(My degree is really a Masters in Library and Information Science - MLIS - but that's just a fancy way of saying I liked the computer part of Library Science better than the cataloging part ;>)