Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's been a busy time here. The outlaws are in town again. Yes, AGAIN. I don't want to talk about it because they will probably come back for Bean's birthday next month as well and if I think about it too much my head will explode. It's lots of fun for Bean but alot more work for me. The plus is that we had a big party to go to last night and a party tonight, so free babysitting!

Yesterday was the first sweater class. Seven people signed up! Including the two women I taught last month in a fingerless glove class! Very exciting for me. I've always had jobs that had a teaching component, so teaching knitting is so much fun.

I'd love suggestions from anyone on things you wish someone had told you when you first learned to knit.

Also, your top tricks and tips would be most welcome. I've amassed a reasonable list, but it's always nice to have input - it usually makes you say "D'oh" when someone else points out fun tips.

So, onto the party last night. These people have more money than God. They live in a very large house in a very nice neighborhood. The house itself is huge and there is a large guest house at the back of the property. The lots in that neighborhood are large enough to be deemed "property". They also just built a 10,000 sq ft lake house. Ten THOUSAND square feet. Apparently, that house has a guest house as well. Because you might not be able to fit all your friends in a measly 10,000 sq feet.

This was an early St. Patrick's Day party with three bartenders and a cook. Morris dancers. An Irish band (who played Smoke on the Water and other Irish favorites). It was wild. It would be nice to have all that money, but I want to live in a house that I can clean myself without getting lost!