Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's not all bad, though!

Amazingly, we have managed to get necessary errands run this morning before ballet class. Usually, getting my daughter out of the house early on a Tuesday requires a crowbar, but the waking up at 6am meant she was bored by 9.30 and raring to go. Ballet class is next to a Starbucks, so now I'm raring to go ;>

Ronda (owner of The Shabby Sheep) and I are going to perform an experiment tonight. We are going to Super Suppers. I feel a bit pathetic staying home and yet needing meal prep, but we have at least one night a week where I really don't want to cook or where I'm totally out of ideas. These meals need a veggie or salad to round them out and that's it. Makes it really easy. The test will be in the taste. Reviews to come.