Wednesday, April 19, 2006

As part of my stash-cleaning, I also cleaned out my closet and found the dreaded Pile O' UFOs. UFOs in this instance are project left unfinished for five or six months or more. Most of them are from last summer.

I decided that I am going to finish them, frog them. or fix them and get to where I have mostly current projects.

The UFO of the Month is the Fiery Bolero.

This pattern is from the Summer 2005 Interweave Knits.

It is a UFO for several reasons: it was the third Debbie Bliss one-piece-construction garment that I had knit in about eight months, I decided I hated the color, and I knit most of it on last summer's car trip to Iowa and after 1500 miles of round trip knitting, I loathed both this garment and Soleil - the other car trip knitting - which also needs some fixing.

I picked this project back up on Sunday and am already finished knitting the fronts. That still leaves me with enough ribbing to circle the globe a few times, but it's a start. I'm still not crazy about the color, but I've decided that I like the knitted fabric and the look of the finished garment enough to get over it.

I had hoped to finish my orange Log Cabin socks for the April Project Spectrum. However, I can wear FB and Antoinette now and I can't wear the socks. Even though it's already in the 90s here, Texas public places think summer air conditioning needs to be set to the low 60s so a light sweater is a necessity. And if you're going to the movies, wear jeans and take a sweatshirt or prepare for frostbite.

The little black pile of crap is one of the fronts of Antoinette. It's bigger than the other front and, since it took about an hour to knit the whole thing and I have plenty of yarn, I'm going to just toss this one and reknit rather than try to figure it out.

My May UFO is Soleil, which needs to be frogged to about mid-chest and reknit with a different top half - maybe something cap-sleeved. I look like crap in most tank tops and the handknit factor did nothing to save that fact. Soleil also fits nicely in with May's Project Spectrum color of green - convenient that.