Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dear G's Mom

I'll cut to the chase.

It's annoying that you constantly bring treats for the teachers to dole out to your child during the day for good behavior and not bring anything else for the other children. The other kids don't understand that this is a side deal you have worked out between you, your child, and the teacher. All they see is the teacher giving your child a treat and nobody else getting one, even though they behaved themselves equally well. I picked Bean up a bit early and the teacher told me that she has to explain this to the kids every day your child is there.

don't have a problem at all with you bribing your child. And I'm not talking about what people pack in lunch boxes. I just think you should give bribes after school, rather than in front of the other children. It's gotten to the point where the teachers are starting to hand out lollipops after nap just to keep the peace. They buy the lollipops with their own money.

The treat thing is making the other kids not like your child. You have created a situation where the teachers treat her differently, so the other children see her as different as well and these little ones are, unfortunately, getting to the age where they notice different. OK, there's also the problem of what Bean terms as "I don't like playing with her because she swipes everything," but Bean has also commented that she's not particularly fond of your child because of the treat issue. The treat thing is seen by these little kids as being a big example of not sharing.

In the big scheme of things, this isn't that big a deal. I know that. But it's a big deal to my kid.