Monday, April 10, 2006

HI! Remember me?

The Pirate birthday was a smashing success! Everyone had a ball. The day started out gloomy and chilly and very, very windy. We're talking Toto Level wind advisories. Around noon it was suddenly calm and warm but not hot and gloriously, deliriously sunny. We took about two digital pics - most of it was with the regular 35mm, so I don't have pics yet. It was the cutest thing EVER!

Each child got a pirate bandana when they came in. So, you had 15 4-year-olds running around in pirate headgear. A friend lent us his canoe, which was the hit of the party.

Once pretty much everyone had arrived, we went on a treasure hunt. We laid out blue tarps and put out a plank on a layer of bricks so everyone could walk the plank and then jump into the "ocean". They had to get to the "desert island" where the pirate ship had wrecked (the 16 foot canoe and a big pirate flag with the skull and crossbones on it). The kids found the pirate treasure (an old wooden ammo box hidden in the bushes), but it was chained up and locked with a huge padlock. Where was the key buried? Better find the map!

The map was discovered and then they had to make a mad dash to the sandbox where X marked the spot. 15 kids digging in a sandbox is too funny. My nephew was a big help and found the key and everyone ran like crazy back to the treasure box to unlock the padlock and get to the loot. Each child got their goody bag stuffed with fake coins, beads, fish necklaces, telescopes, and lollipops.

We let them play with that for a bit and then pulled out the cake and ice cream. After cake, it was time for the bubble machine and then time to go home.

The parents loved it and the kids had the best time. Sarabeth had a ball!

And now, the inlaws have gone home and J., Bean, and I are going to go on a little mini-vacation to Austin!