Wednesday, April 05, 2006

G is for Grumpy

I'm going to take a short break until Sunday or so.

I have to get out a newsletter today, I have a board meeting tonight, I have another meeting Friday morning before my class meets and I have a private lesson I'm teaching today.

Bean has her birthday party on Saturday and I still need to create a pirate treasure chest, pick up a canoe, order the cake, hope the favors arrive in the mail on time, and find a dozen small plastic shovels.

The outlaws arrive tomorrow for the festitivities (yes, AGAIN).

I need to run the carpet cleaner thing over the living room carpet because the dog decided to pee on the carpet and, while I got it all out, I'm paranoid because there are 15 mothers coming over on Saturday with their children. Yes, somehow we ended up with 15 children invited to Bean's party. Oh well, it'll be fun.

Bean's ballet required in person registration. Of course, that's Saturday morning. At least it's next door to a Starbucks.

All in all, I'm a busy bee and I'll be lucky if I knit a stitch, much less have anything interesting to talk about until after Saturday.

I was going to quote Warren Zevon "I'll sleep when I'm dead." but that's a bit creepy even for me. I'll sleep Saturday night!