Monday, June 12, 2006

M is for Matching

Or, rather, not matching.

Jaywalkers socks
STR Lightweight Hard Rock colorway
Clover 1 DPNs

Both socks were knit the same with the same skein of yarn. One flashed all the way down the foot and the other one didn't flash at all. Wierd. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, other than wondering how I managed to get the last one to not flash.

My Dyeorama pal that I sent to was Jacki (Lufah) at Cidermoon. She told me her dream yarn would be turquoises with brown and gold. I think I nailed it. She seems very happy. The yarn is brighter than in this picture.

I used a combination of drinks mixes and Spectrum food dyes. The brown is tamarind Kool Aid. The gold/orange is a mix of mango and tamarind.

The blues were dyed in two sections. The lighter section I dyed dry so the yarn soaked up all of the dye before I even got it into the microwave. Then I overdyed it with more Wyler's Berry Burst mixed with a touch of the Spectrum blue. The result was a fairly regular heathered effect.

The darker blue - which is a true turquoise - was dyed using a drop of green Spectrum, some blue Spectrum, and more of the Wyler's. I was very pleased with the results. I dyed it in very long sections, so it should produce long stripes of different blues with shorter stripes of the gold and brown. I can't wait to see this skein knit up!

This week starts Birthday Week! Last night, I went out for mojitos and Cuban food with a few friends and the festivities will continue for most of the week. The Bean is extremely excited and keeps asking me if I want a Princess party or maybe a zoo party. I take it we need to go to the zoo soon.