Friday, June 23, 2006

The outlaws descend upon us in about three hours.

Things I have done:
Clean the hell out of the entire house. Including many of the closets.
Knit half a cupcake for tomorrow's One Skein class.

Things I have not done:
Finish the damn cupcake
Cook chicken with which to make chicken salad for dinner.
Make said chicken salad.
Clean off kitchen counter and table.
Get my ass out of the chair to do anything really productive other than go for my 3-mile today.

The upside is that my lovely husband is taking Bean with him to the airport, we have a fridge full of beer, Bean is currently napping - thus guaranteeing a cheerful child later today, we have beer AND wine, chicken salad doesn't take very long to make, the top of the cupcake won't take long to knit, we have limoncello in the freezer, I mopped a few days ago so the floor is pretty clean, it takes 15 seconds to sweep everything from the counters and table into a pile and stuff it somewhere, and we have beer and wine and limoncello and xanax.