Sunday, June 04, 2006

Town & Country

Not only was there a ten thousand square foot lakehouse; there was a 2500 sq ft guest house with 4 bedrooms, lighted tennis courts, boat docks, piers, and the most fabulous pool complete with a little poolhouse with wet bar and two bathrooms. The poolside and cabana furniture was all from Smith & Hawken. I'll bet they spent about as much on poolside furniture as I've spent furnishing my whole house. Of course, their guest house for the lakehouse is bigger than my house! And the interiors are gorgeous. Unbelievably gorgeous with fun touch like lamps made from bait cans and other cool stuff that managed to look fun without being overdone. It was an amazing time and I'm sorry I can't show pictures. I don't have any problems showing pictures of my stuff, but I can't show pics of things belonging to friends' of mine. It just feels wierd. And really, I can't ask her because she'll think I'm a nutburger. Suffice it to say that the whole thing should be featured in a magazine and, if it ever is, I'll notify y'all.

My Dyeorama yarn has been dyed and mailed. It turned out gorgeous. It's not even my colors and I'm sorry I can't keep it. I'll post pictures once she gets the yarn. I dyed it into very long repeats, so it should stripe. I also managed to get one color that should at least heather but maybe even jacquard a bit! Woohoo!