Saturday, July 15, 2006

The shop has been having a huge sale all this week, so I've been working alot.

Today was the last day and all of us went to a nearby restaurant for a celebratory libation after the shop closed. I walk in closely followed by two more people at which point a waitron flaps up and tells us, "Close the door!" Now, it's over 100F outside, so this is not unreasonable, BUT, when I inform said waitron that there are more people coming (and we are still coming in the door as there are 8 of us), he flaps back, "You're letting all the air conditioning that we've stored up out!"

I said, "We can leave if you like."

There is a reason that when we left at 7pm, there were only two other people in the whole place. Not two other tables, two other people.