Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lucky lucky me!

The beautiful and talented Pamela was my One Skein swap pal! She crocheted me this fabulous bag for my final present. I"ll let you in on a secret: I've never had anyone knit or crochet anything for me. So this was so much fun and especially fun to have her and the scrumptiously adorable Squid (seriously, I just want to eat him and his gorgeous red hair up) deliver it to the shop while I was working yesterday.

One of the Bean's jobs around the house is to feed the dog.

Molly didn't quite finish her meal yesterday, so Bean gave her some encouragement.

Yes, that's a plastic sword. She told the dog that she could play with the sword after dinner was finished.

Usually, the pile of change on my husband's dresser is kind of annoying. It spills all over the place and gets fairly out of control.

Here, it's pretty small and I am thankful it exists. Because there is not Enough Coffee today and I have no cash. I hope Starbucks doesn't get to annoyed with three bucks in dimes. (Blazing Saddles anyone? "We're gonna need a sh*tload of dimes")