Monday, August 21, 2006

When did this happen?

Bean has her first day of big girl school today. Pre-K 4, but it's five mornings a week. I'm torn between wanting the time I'm going to have to myself (alone! in the house alone!), and missing the heck out of her already. She's growing up. I love it and hate it.

River is almost finished. I have plenty of yarn, so I'm going to knit one more repeat and then finish it up. I probably have enough yarn to knit two repeats, but I'm psychologically done with the project. This is the most boring thing I have ever knit. The repeat merely shifts one stitch to the left or right for each row. I've knit alot of stockinette sweaters, but somehow they never actually bored me. Probably, because I can see the mistakes almost immediately, whereas KSH hides everything until you have to tink a couple of rows. So, River was boring and hard. I considered knitting to use up the maximum amount of yarn, because there's not much I can do with a quarter of a ball of KSH. However, the color goes well with the colors of the Habu stole, so that solves that problem.

The worst part about Bean's new school is that she has to be on time. You can't be early and you can't be late. Guess it's time to grow up. Me, I mean.