Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Goodbye to a River

(A really good book by John Graves)

Pattern by Sharon Miller from Rowan 38
Two skeins of Kidsilk Spray in Medici (blue-gray)
Seed beads added on the cast on and cast off

Molly was unamused at being used for a model.

While the finished product is very pretty, and the KSS is as cracklike as ever, this was a really boring knit. I had to make myself finish it.

I would not used the Kidsilk Spray again in a fixed-width project. I think the variegation would be lovely in a triangular shawl, but the stole repeats in a wierd fashion and one skein is definitely different than the other (I'm not going to alternate skeins on a shawl. I'm just not.)

It's that time of year when knitters look to the golden days of fall knitting and feel guilty about their UFO basket.

Especially those items that only need small things done to them. Like buttons. Not that I ever put items like that in my basket and then move on. River was one of the more major UFOs.

I'm going to draw a name for the Vote For The Next Shawl contest on Wednesday, so you have a couple of days to vote (see Friday's entry). The prize will depend on the tastes of the winner, but will most likely be either some nice sock yarn or some laceweight yarn. If you don't sock or lace, I'll have other options.

Bean loves her new school and seems to have grown up overnight.

I walked in to pick her up and she gave me a huge hug and a kiss and then reprimanded me for not picking her up in the carpool line. "You're supposed to pick me up in the car, Mommy!"

She also told me the names of the girls in her class and then proclaimed, "We don't play with the boys, so I don't know their names."

For lunch we had chicken soup with rice (Maurice Sendak).

Integral to the making of chicken soup with rice is adding pirates and pears.

And crackers and potatoes and bananas and peppers and I think there is a Sleeping Beauty earring in there, as well. Yummy!