Wednesday, August 23, 2006


There aren't many things in life that allow you the luxury of a do-over.

If you burn dinner, you can always cook
another dinner, but you can't remake that same dinner. Once you cut cloth, if it's too small, you're screwed.

One of the things that recommends knitting to those of us who have a more haphazard approach to details is that you can always rip it out and start over. There are very few yarns that truly cannot be frogged. You can even frog KSH if you stick it in the freezer first.

There will be no frogging in this post, but, I decided I loathed the blocking I did on River. It's had another bath and is now drying.

I have a tendency to block big which, coupled with the fact that I'm a loose knitter, sometimes produces overly open lace. I didn't like the way the pesky little peaky bits came out either.

NOTE: You have until 10pm tonight to vote for Kidlin Pixie vs Habu in the What Should the Next Shawl be poll.

I received my KSKS kit yesterday. My swap pal did a great job and spoiled me rotten.

The final package is my third from her (I told you. Spoiled rotten!).

First, a fab felted bag complete with little flower buttons on the corners and the cutest cat button in the middle that coordinates perfectly with the colors of the bag.

Then the yarn. Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Bitterroot Rainbow. I picked up a skein of that very yarn not two weeks ago and then decided I didn't really need to buy any more sock yarn. So I'm thrilled to have that!

Clover bamboo needles, a needle spring to keep them together as well as a needle holder just like the one on Yarn Harlot this spring, delicious and addictive chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, knitting mints, a Chicks with Sticks notepad, a Chibi with a different assortment of needles than the one I have - yay for a full assortment of darning needles!, an orange glitter pen to mark my Twisted Sock pattern, AND some truly cute stitch markers made by her husband, AND a little package of art stuff for Bean. Talk about going all out! I am overwhlemed by her generosity and her sense of humor and fun. Thanks, B. You're a peach!