Monday, August 28, 2006

Palate Cleanser

Felted bags are the intermezzo of knitting. The sorbet in the midst of socks and lace.

I realized that I've knit four lace shawls this summer. I needed something fun and mindless to knit.

This one works pretty well! It came out a bit wide, so I folded the sides in to make a gusset and put snaps in. That way, if I need the extra room, I can open the snaps. (You can see the red bias in my camera in the way the floor looks different in this shot and the next.)

I also completed this cabled bag last week. All it needed was seaming, handles, and a lining.

Now I can use it and just in time. Dr Pig walked in and said, "Hey! They have something like that in In Style this month!" Whee - I'm trendy.

(The fact that Dr Pig knew what was featured in In Style proves that men will grab anything to read in the bathroom.)

Moth looks pretty much the same as yesterday. I'm another repeat in and hope to manage one more repeat today.