Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Whisper of the River*

About two weeks ago, I picked River back up. It had been wadded up in my knitting basket since last September or so; abandoned after something went awry.

When I picked it back up, I tinked back a few rows and thought I'd fixed the problem. I'm certain I fixed at least one problem.

After knitting about 5 inches, I noticed two dropped stitches from a K2tog, waving in the breeze a good 7 inches down. I tied them off and this will be the first of what I am sure will be several "bends in the River". I've decided to just knit and not worry about perfection. This one is going to be all about the process of knitting. Otherwise, I'll never finish the darn thing! Swallowtail was pretty perfect, so I think I've used up my alottment this week.

I'm almost finished knitting the first ball of yarn and I refuse to knit the little hair scrunchy tie thing from the picture. Instead, I used beads on the cast on and will repeat it on the cast off. They are very tiny beads - just a touch of fun sparkle. I can probably get one extra repeat on the body of the shawl by not knitting the scrunchy. The Kidsilk Spray really lends itself to the pattern - yummy.

Bean is doing much better. She's got at least 30 bites, but she's not too bothered by them. Cortisone cream is helping alot. Poor baby had a rough day yesterday, though. She slept from 11am until about 4pm and our dog, Molly, stayed on the bed with her keeping watch. Very cute.

(*Book by Ferrol Sams. Hysterically funny stuff.)