Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ants in her pants.

This morning, I was all set to Get Things Done.

I took Bean to Mother's Day Out, and was home by 9.15! I knit most of a repeat on River whilst watching the Diet Coke and Mentos episode of Mythbusters (hilarity!). I put a load of laundry in the dryer. I was all geared up to jump in the shower and then attack the pile of paperwork on my desk and organize it, pay some bills, and drop some paperwork off at Bean's new school. Take a short nap. Pick Bean up at 2.30pm, go home and play. Take her over to my parent's house at 5 and then take Dr Pig for his birthday dinner.

At 10.15am I get a call on my cell phone from Bean's MDO. Never a good sign. She's gotten into an ant pile. I get the Benedryl and shove my unshowered and mid-row self into the car and go pick her up.

Poor Bean. She's probably got 30 ant bites on her legs and hands. I don't think they are fire ant bites, because between the Benedryl and calamine lotion, they are just little dots (gotta love the clear Caladryl - no pink stuff all over the place). Nevertheless, ant bites suck.

I gave her the option of coming home or staying at school and she chose home. She's all set up in our bed with a Wiggles video fresh from the library. She is, however, insistent that she go to Nana's tonight. It's not contagious, so what the heck. She's a trooper.