Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Blob

Seriously, it's a big pile of pale green fuzzy dental floss.

I'm on to the twin leaf pattern now and my outlook is much improved. Oddly, I'm really liking the fact that both the right and wrong sides are being knit in pattern at this point. I seem to knit the lace part faster than straight purl rows. I think that's because I have to count the repeats on purl rows anyway because it's easy to fix a mistake at that point. When I knit the wrong side in a pattern, mistakes become even more apparent and no counting!

Remember when I said I was aiming for Friday. Yeah, Julia mentioned the word "crazy" to me. She's right. There's no way. I had a meeting last night, I am teaching tonight, and I have a meeting tomorrow night. Ah well, there's always the weekend.

Stay tuned.