Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jeffrey won!

I'm pleased with the decision.

Completely disregarding personality, I loved Jeffrey's runway show and would be happy to wear a number of things from that collection. I also loved Laura's collection, but I knew they wouldn't give it to an evening wear collection in a million years. Michaeal's collection, unfortunately, sucked. It had alot of potential, but when they said the "taste level" wasn't there, they weren't kidding. Even Dr Pig (who has surprisingly good taste, but rarely cares) commented that he felt like he was watching the new looks for streetwalkers.

I liked Uli's collection, but, as pretty as her dresses were, I have to agree that there was a unified flow at the beginning of the show that devolved into a collection of pretty "Uli" dresses that had nothing to do with each other except that she designed them. She would have been better off going with the same outfits but a graduated color palette.

I also think there were specific reasons Jeffrey was chosen. The first winner, Jay, has been very slow out of the gate and was not interested in any of the prizes. Chloe has no interest in leaving Houston or doing anything different from what she has been doing.

Michael is too inconsistent to win. Uli and Laura are pretty much this season's Chloe's - they both have very specific points of view and are not interested in changing at all. Sure, Uli said she'd move, but given that she's spent the whole show being all about Miami, it's kind of hard to believe. Being specific is not a bad thing, it's just not what PR is looking for.

Jeffrey is a proven businessman who is looking to broaden his audience. He changed up his collection a bit while still keeping his point of view and, the addition of the two more flowing dresses showed that, while those didn't work, he is open to expanding his view. Sure, he's got a nasty streak a mile wide. But, Michael Kors doesn't exactly strike me as Mary Poppins.

As for the "cheating", first, 200 bucks isn't that big a deal. It would have been completely different if he'd gone over by $750 or something. Second, if all he had to was drop the wigs, I don't have a problem with it. The wigs were a styling choice rather than an actual garment. As for whether or not he sewed everything himself, if Laura could hand bead and hand feather those garments, I see no reason why Jeffrey could not be equally capable of sewing his garments. After all, having a production line, he has access to professional machines as opposed to something like Michael's tiny little cheap-o number.

So, overall, it was a pretty good season - much better than last year.

And now I get to watch Top Chef!