Thursday, November 30, 2006


It went from 80 to 27 in less than 24 hours. I am Not Pleased.

The Cold From Hell continues albeit somewhat abated. Robitussin gelcaps are my very good friend. Sleeping sitting up to help alleviate the coughing suck big dead green donkey wongers. Granted, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, but I'm not sure how much stronger I can get. (You remember that one, Lex? College was fun. Sometimes.)

Bean has improved quite a bit. And that's the more important part. We set up a ton of Christmas stuff today and will continue tomorrow. I'm aiming to rival Carole's "Christmas Threw Up On My House". This time last year, I was just getting to know Carole and Cara. I'm glad I "met" them. I have a small but ever-growing collection of creches. Bean loves them. She has two "crushes" as she refers to them. One is a really cute one by Playmobil that I bought at Target a couple of months ago. Much fun. I love to see how she arranges them.

OK, the cough is killing me. Time for a toddy.

You need:

1 mug of hot tea - your choice but I prefer a Celestial Seasonings Zinger flavor
1 half of a lemon, squozed
1 tbsp honey or more to taste
1 shot of Jamieson's Irish Whiskey

If it doesn't stop your cough, you won't care.