Wednesday, November 29, 2006

78 to 38

I'm sure everyone has heard the jokes about Texas weather (Don't like it? Wait a day.). You might not realize just how true that joke is. The high today was 78. Tonight, it's supposed to start raining and drop to 38 and then to 26 by mid-morning tomorrow. Complete with sleet and ice and plague and locusts and famine. At least, you'd think it given the lines at SuperTarget today.

I always love seeing what people buy when there is a threat of ice. Now, admittedly any accumulation of ice pretty much shuts us down, but it rarely sticks around for longer than 2 days. So, the chances of starvation are pretty slim (although, I did forget to buy bread and we are almost out so I may make a run to the Thumb).

The woman were all making their weekly grocery run, albeit maybe a day or so early.

The men all had beer. Some of them even had food in their baskets. I'm not trying to be sexist, but it was really hysterical that all of the unaccompanied men of a variety of ages had baskets that contained vast quantites of beer and maybe a couple of steaks.

Meanwhile, The Crud lingers on. Bean did make it to school today (she only goes for three hours), but we are both still coughing quite a bit. It's getting to the frustrating point where you feel pretty good, but you can't do anything much physically because that heats you up and starts you coughing again.