Friday, November 03, 2006

Bean: I'm four-and-a-half, right?
Me: Yep
Bean: When will I be four in both halves?

Bean: Why is the sky blue?
Me (driving in traffic): God made it that way (or some variation of that)
Bean: No, I know God made the earth and the sky and everything, but God also made all the science and I want to know what makes the atmosphere turn the sky blue and then it's not blue yesterday!
Me: Uh, Mommy is driving right now, but we'll get out the encyclopedia when we get home.

We had parent/teacher conference yesterday and her teacher told me that Bean is having some trouble concentrating when they do coloring. Mrs. Teacher, you are a lovely woman and Bean adores you, but in her mind you did coloring last week. Bean is thinking, "I showed you my fine motor skills, let's move on!"

Of course, Bean has never been fond of coloring books. She'll go to town on a piece of blank paper, but coloring books bore her.

Instead of completing her coloring in a timely manner, my child is asking the teacher how electricity works and what happens to the electricity if one outlet works and the other doesn't.

I find all of this totally hilarious, although I did tell Bean that maybe she could help the teacher by doing her work, even if it is boring.