Thursday, November 02, 2006


Last night, Dr. Pig and I were sitting around watching Mythbusters.

I was bemoaning the fact that the swelling above my eyes has now migrated below my eyes.

Then it hit me. I have several "puffiness reducing" eye treatments stashed in my fridge. And my under eye area is about as puffy as anyone's could ever be.

So, do any of those over-the-counter remedies work? (Keep in mind that most of this stuff has been in the fridge for a good six months.)

The answer?

A shocking and resounding YES.

Both Earth Theraputics Hydrogel Under-Eye Recovery patch and Origins No Puffery worked really well.

The Earth Theraputics patch things left on for 20 minutes made a noticeable effect.

The Origins stuff? It's a gel. And it too made a noticeable difference.

This morning I put on the gel eye pack thing they gave me at the hospital for 20 minutes and looked my eyes. Puffy.

I put on the Earth Theraputics patch thingy for 20 minutes. Noticeably less puffy.


So, use my suffering to improve your life. Get the Earth Theraputics patch thingies. They rock!