Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Have you seen a commercial for that horror movie, Turistas?

Carefree college students on spring break and it ends with a tight headshot of a girl on an operating table saying, in a tremulous voice, "I want to go home."

That eye operation on Monday?

Yeah, they do it while you are awake.

They give you a lovely zonker and you wake back up five minutes later with your eyelids numb and your upper body and head strapped to the table in about seventeen places.

They keep you awake so they can see your eyes move and figure out how much of whatever to do to your eyelids. Which you can hear them discuss. It was...


I can't imagine anyone doing something like this on an optional basis. I have this attachment to seeing the world through something other than a teeny slit between my lids, so I had to have it done. But I'll tell you, if they hadn't done both eyes at one time, there is no way in hell you could ever get me back in there. I'd just prop everything open with a toothpick.

My eyes are hideously swollen and Frankensteinish, but, hopefully, they will go down quickly. At least it's all over!

I'll be wearing sunglasses to Bean's Parent/Teacher conference tomorrow afternoon. I'll be faaaaaaabulous, dahhhhrling!

Knitting? Hah!

Maybe next week.