Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've been a bad, bad girl...

There is nothing like a bit of self-indulgent wallowing to make one get over oneself.

The sun is out and it's a beautiful day and life is mighty fine.

The delivery of my April shipment of the Rockin' Sock Club didn't hurt.

And a little retail therapy never hurt anything either! I have been coveting a pair of gorgeous orange peep toe pumps at J. Crew for several months now. But they were a bit pricey for what was a complete indulgence. Nevertheless, I wandering in to see if perhaps I would get lucky and they would be on sale. On sale for half off. Score!

But it gets better. Much better.

Everything in the store that is on sale is an additional 50% off. Double Score!!!!!

But they don't have my size in orange. Sadness!

But they order them for me over the phone and, although the web and catalog price isn't on sale yet, I get my sale upon sale price!

I decided that I'd get the brown ones as well. And then I started thinking about it and realized that a cream pair would come in handy. (At this point, the three pair of shoes have cost me less that one pair full price.) I've bought one pair of heels since Bean was born. I have lots of thong sandals, but no heels. And they are such sexy heels. Not to mention insanely comfortable - always hard to find in a heel.

Then I decided to check out Crewcuts (J Crew for the small set) and they had the same 50% of anything on sale deal going on. Who can resist little navy chinos embroidered all over with strawberries for $10? Not me.

I told my husband that, when you think about it, I had really bought the heels for him, not me. Because he never gets to see me in heels. So, it's a treat! (Ahem)