Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An FO of another sort

I married a "handy" guy. He can install a new light fixture, rewire a lamp, take down wallpaper and mud a wall, etc. He also likes to Build Stuff.

Usually, we end up with some weird project like the beginnings of a solar-powered air conditioner (no, I am not kidding) that never get completed and end up rotting in the side yard.

This time, we ended up with this.

A fort for Bean.

It still needs to be stained and have a roof put on, but it's pretty darn cool. It's 6x6 feet, so there's room for all.

Bean is thrilled. Daddy is The Coolest Ever. I'm thrilled because it's finished and, when big trash comes, the huge pile of wood in my backyard will go away.

The stand of trees are crape myrtles. This is what happens when you don't commit crape murder every year. They don't need to be topped. This tree blooms numerous times throughout the year - delicate lavender blossoms. It's gorgeous.

Poor Dr. Pig though, he now has the Creeping Death Crud that has afflicted the rest of us. On his birthday no less. Happy Birthday anyway, darling!