Monday, August 20, 2007


Oh, man, I've spent the last three days uploading stuff to Ravelry. I have all this stuff on my Palm Pilot, but Ravelry is so much more fun. And I haven't even started exploring everyone else's stuff. Additive is the least of it. I've been slogging through my huge pile of WIPs.

I'm currently working on Debbie Bliss's Becky in Cathay. I wonder if they've done a little reworking of Cathay, because this is a new color and it is much less splitty than when I worked with it right after it came out.

I'm also trying to finish the Sea Silk Lace Wings shawl from Alice at Lettuce Knit. It takes one skein of sea silk. My problem is that I keep putting it down to do other things and then it takes me a bit to figure out where the hell I am. It's a super easy pattern, but somehow it gives me brain freeze.
After I finish those two, I'm diving back into CeCe.

This has been a very odd year and, while I have started a ton of projects, I don't think I've finished any of them. Several of them are either reworkings of almost-finished items that I decided I loathed. I'm back to the knuckle-down plan I always use when the WIPs get out of hand: finish three and you can start one. Much finish projects!!!