Sunday, August 19, 2007

Updating everything

Somehow I managed to delete my blog template and all my links. I do have a copy, but I decided that, since I'm going to have to redo it anyway, I might as well change my template. Hopefully, I'll get that up later this week.

I've been cleaning out, cleaning up, etc. It's amazing how much stuff piles up when you aren't looking. I'm doing pretty well and I even have a pile of yarn that I need to sell. Let's face it, the chances of me knitting with Rowan Kid Classic for wear in Texas is pretty slim.

I've also gotten into the fabulous time-suck that is Ravelry. I received my invitation back in May and still had done nothing other than put in a username and password. I started feeling sort of guilty that they have this enormous waiting list, and yet I can't get my butt in gear to make use of my membership. So, I've been adding stash and needles. Hurricane season means that it's cloudy all the time here - though with very little rain. Hopefully, I'll get some sun this week so that I can photograph stash. I feel kind of weird putting my stash online, because it's really gotten out of control, and now I just feel greedy. I've given away tons of very old stash with the realization that it I haven't knitted anything with it after having it for 15 years, I probably won't ever knit with it.

Mostly, we've just been sick for the last month. It seems like that is all over. I still have a helluva cough, but I took my last antibiotic today so I'm hoping it'll dry up this week.

It's all just in time for Bean to start school. Start the wailing and gnashing of teeth - I have a kindergartener!