Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just when you think it's stopped raining

It floods.

Bean has had a nagging and increasingly worrisome cough percolating for about a week, so today I took her to the doctor. Experience has taught me that in the case of anything that seems cold related, it's best to let it wait for a week unless accompanied by a crazy fever. Otherwise, they just tell you to wait a week and then charge you $120 (after insurance) for the pleasure.

She has an antibiotic, thank Pete. While we were waiting for the visit and then the recheck of her oxygen levels and then another listen to the lungs, etc - took 1 1/2 hours, all hell broke loose weather-wise. It was sunny when we went in.

About 15 minutes before we left, it started raining cats and dogs. I asked a nice lady to stand with her while I ran to get the car. (You can do this in Texas plus it's not like there was anywhere she could go.) I stepped out from under the porte cacher and was immediately soaked to the skivvies. It was like standing under a shower whilst fully clothed. I couldn't see through my glasses. The puddles were about a foot deep. Weird stuff. And, of course, I had my new leather purse and a pair of leather loafers on. The loafers are probably a write-off, but I left the purse with Bean, so it's fine.

So, get the car under the porte chacher and get Bean in the car and go home to find Dr. Pig making dinner.

Dry off.

About an hour and a half later, Dr. Pig heads out to fill the prescription. It stopped raining an hour ago, so all should be well. He heads to get coffee for tomorrow first, but the intersection is completely flooded out so he heads north for the scrip. The power at the Walgreen's is completely out and the doors are locked with a sign up.

Off to the next Walgreen's. This involves a trip past the flood point.

Maybe we stopped too soon on the ark building. I did a quick check of our yard and there are some small branches down, screens off the gutters, and a general vague sense of something apocalyptic in the neighborhood. We regularly get high straight line winds and other meteorological oddities up on our hill, but this, apparently, was a doozy.