Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wake-Up Call

We're going to the circus today. Bean very timidly asked the doctor if she could still go yesterday and the doctor gave her a Well Duh! look and told her, "Of course you can go. Why not?!) Our church has a summer program for the small fry, and, when they offered up circus tickets at $10 each, Dr. Pig and I responded with a hearty, "Hell, yeah!" to be parent leaders of the expedition.

We are meeting at the church in an our or so and then taking the train into downtown. It's going to be a total blast.

Bean cannot wait. In the most literal of fashions. Somehow, she decided we all needed to get up at 6.30am, so we won't be late. At 11.30pm, I was woken out of a very sound sleep to a small person by my bed telling me it was 6.30am. I sent her out to her father who was still awake for a glass of water to help with the coughing and to go back to sleep.

At 5.03am, we are both awakened out of even sounder sleeps (I think I was drooling) by a very cheerful voice telling us that it HAD to be 6.30 by now.

We just got her up for the real wakeup and she's dragging around much as you'd expect. The best part? "Mama? I'm reeeeaaaallly tired." Heh! Me too, you little rat, but at least I can have coffee. You can't. Nyah nyah nyah!