Thursday, September 06, 2007

Glamour Don't

As an avid Project Runway fan, I was looking forward to Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Gunn seems like a natural choice for such a show. He's clever and full of constructive criticism. I thought it would be a witty version of What Not to Wear. Maybe even a successful version of the Queer Eye show that featured women (and bombed horribly due to the boring hosts).

It's more like What Not to Watch.

They had a "sneak preview" last night and I was bored pantsless. They pick the same sort of stuck-in-a-rut, dressing 20 years too young people that WNTW picks. They have the victim try on clothes and then critique them just as in WNTW. They go shopping and have plenty of product placement treats. (WNTW) Hair and makeup (WNTW) .

Last night, the big deal was getting a dress from Bill Blass. Bill freakin' Blass? Has Bill Blass been at all big since the 70s? Maybe the 80s?

As for supposed life coach, if I need a life coach, then I'd like someone who maybe had a few years of life experience under his belt rather than some nerd who needs to shave and still uses Clearasil.

Gunn is over his head. He visibly cringes at the wardrobe he's facing and then cringes from making any judgments. There is an art to critique without hurting someone's feelings. Gunn has it on Project Runway, but with a full show resting on his shoulders, he can't keep it going.