Thursday, September 06, 2007

Seeing Red

In a good way!

The thing I love about top-down raglans is that they start to look like a sweater very quickly.

I'm nearing the point where I'll start the interminable ribbing. I am lengthening the amount of plain knitting a bit. I want the ribbing to start well under my bustline and I can tell from trying the sweater on that, if I knit that pattern as written, the ribbing will be a bit high. There are so many empire-waisted shirts and dresses these days, that I have become an expert at determining which ones are going to work on me. I want plenty and enough room in the bust, otherwise I end up with a stupid line across my boobs. Not flattering!

So I'll give it a couple more inches and then ribs ahoy!

This weekend is going to be a major push to finish a bunch of things that need small amounts of seaming or pressing or whatever. I have a tendency to let items simmer in the finishing basket for a bit before the final bits and pieces. Bad habit, but it's my own!