Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Something Red is buzzing along nicely. While the pattern states that you should complete the ribbing before knitting the sleeves, I'm getting sort of bored so I think it's sleeves next (which have a fair amount of ribbing themselves) and then back to the body. That will also tell me how long I can make the sweater. I have plenty of yarn, I'm at 20 inches in length (pattern wants 23), and I still have three balls of yarn left.

I started the ribbing a bit lower on my ribs. I have a larger bustline and I loathe garments with any kind of empire seaming because it inevitably creeps up and makes my bustline look like the garment doesn't fit.

Here's hoping this was a good decision. I do love the look of the original, but I really don't want to knit 87,000 miles of ribbing only to find out it creeps!

One little retina-searing Monkey.

My God but this is bright yarn. Wound up, it looks so pretty with the green and the blue and purple bits and the red and yellow. It's almost scary knit up!

I like the Cherry Tree Hill supersock. It washes up very soft and it gets a slight halo, which will tone down the brightness of the colorway.

Summer of Love sock. I had to rip back to the start of the gusset when I realized that I had been doing toe decreases on the gusset. Whoops!

I completed the toe for the Monkey right before I went to bed, and I'm apparently still knitting it.

I like the pattern with it's lace cuff, hidden ribbing, and plain foot, but I'm still not sure about the colorway. The good thing is that this one is not as bright in real life. The turquoise blue is quite bright, but less neon than in this photo.

I'm craving a non-variegated colorway for the next pair of socks.

When I first started knitting socks, I wanted the brightest and most variegated yarns possible. Now, I'm getting burnt out on the variegated. I love how so many companies are offering shaded solids that have a slight variations in the color, but are not actually variegated. These yarns offer the best of both worlds: you get some subtle color changes to keep it interesting while still being able to show off a pattern.

Of course, I still have a pretty big whack of the variegated, so I'm not going to totally stop with those ;>