Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Off not On

So, the sprinkler system broke last Thursday night. Dr. Pig found the shut off valve for the system, but the repair people can't make it until tomorrow.

And, of course, the good Dr. is in meetings and won't be able to be there from 11 'til 2 when they will arrive.

So, he sits me down with instructions on what to tell the folks.

Remember that Far Side cartoon about what we say vs. what dogs hear?

Yeah, the conversation went something like this:

Dr. Pig: The doomaflatch attached to the higgedlypink is stuck and won't floogle. So, we either need a new doomaflatch or they'll have to replace the flangeboggle.

Me: Say, which?

In reality, it's something to do with a solenoid, but that makes me think of adenoids instead and you don't want to know where my mind goes after that.

I'm usually fine with home repairs and get all pissed off talking to Repairmen Who Won't Listen To Women. Plumbing, however, mystifies me. All I can do is say, "Broke. Water won't turn off. Bad!"

In other news, last night was Back to School Night. We got to go and sit in teensy chairs and listen to the teacher tell us all about what happens during the day. It was fun, the school is a great place, and they seem to be really aware of the fact that these are little kids they are teaching. Our public school system is crap here. The Dallas paper states there is a graduation rate of a dismal 68% however, independent reports have stated that the on-time graduation rate is 46% - it's truly horrifying to be in a city that cares so little about education. DISD also claims that the dropout rate is only 1.3%, however, the math doesn't work since total class population went down by 1/3 while the student population in the district increased by over 10%.

I am insanely happy to have the ability to send Bean to private school and not deal with the lying, cheating (as in court-prosecuted for stealing from the school district) scumbag school board.