Monday, October 22, 2007

Sockety sock sock

Sorry, no Rhinebeck stories here. It's expensive to get to upstate New York from Texas. And worse, it takes a plane trip and a long drive. I'd love to go someday, but I have to, unfortunately, be realistic. The good thing is that I'm nearer to festivals in Taos and Colorado, and I'm planning a little trip next year!

Meanwhile, the sock obsession continues.

I find it interesting that so many knitters seem to go on jags of knitting the same types of projects. We find ourselves lusting for lace, swooning for sweaters, etc. Last year, I had a huge lace obsession and then went back to sweaters, but I seemed to also be less interested in knitting (I had less free time as well, so that was a factor). Now, I'm back in the game full force and it seems to be all about socks. I have three sweaters that are literally only a collar each away from being finished, and yet I am not interested. I want socks.

What are your current knitting obsessions and why?

Today, it's about Monkey socks. Now, I've had some problems with the Monkey pattern. I really need to knit it on size 0 needles to get pattern gauge, however at the gauge where the sock fits, my variegated yarns all seem to stripe and pool in a pretty nasty way.

I did complete one pair of Monkeys that fit nicely:

Cherry Tree Hill. Knit on size 1s. I have no idea of the name of the colorway. The colors are not quite as overwhelming in real life, however these socks are pretty retina-searing. I like them, they fit well, but I think the color is just too much for the pattern.

Monkey 2 (actually, this is more like Monkey 4, but the others were frogged)

Socks That Rock Lightweight. Colorway is Rolling Stone. Knit on size 1s. This sock is a bit loose, but it's not to the point of being floppy, so I'm not going to frog this sock - I'm going to knit the other one. These socks fit better when I used 0s, but the yarn pooled in a really unattractive manner. Sometimes, I don't mind pooling. This was not one of those times!

They aren't perfect, but they'll make nice socks for padding around the house. If I were a perfectionist, I'd rip and try another pattern. However, there has been a bit too much ripping recently and now I'm into Make It Work.

The DIC for Monkey 3.
The color is In Vino Veritas. I'm not normally much into wine colors, however my color choices have been changing quite a bit recently. My love for bright reds and pinks will never die. However, I've decided that I can try other colors and be happy.

It's a dark and stormy day here, so getting any kind of picture was work. This is the best representation of the true color.

And it had to be dark and stormy because Bean is Student of The Week this week. So, we had to bring in a big poster with pictures and I'm Snack Mom so I had three huge bags of snacks. You aren't supposed to park in the tiny school parking lot before school, but there was no way I was lugging all that stuff AND ushering my child through the pouring rain. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission!