Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A bustle in my hedgerows

Sorry about the title, but given what happened, I couldn't resist.

I scored some Sundara sock yarn in her last update. This is another yarn that is new to me. I decided to be something of a literalist. I love Jane's green Hedgerow socks and here I am with green Sundara yarn.

Hedgerow Socks ensued.

Love the pattern. It makes ribbing a bit more interesting and the sock fits extremely well. This is definitely a sock to knit in a solid or slightly varied color rather than a variegated yarn. The pattern is fairly delicate, so I can't imagine it standing up to a stripe or high contrast colorway.

There was only one teensy weensy problem.

I totally horsed up the pattern. Instead of knitting pattern A on rows 1 and 2 and pattern B on rows 3 and 4, I knit pattern A on rows 1 and 3 and pattern B on rows 2 and 4.


I discovered this when I was about to divide for the heel on the first sock.

The yarn has been rewound and it and the pattern are in time-out for a while.