Friday, November 23, 2007

Back at the pediatrician today. Bean is still sick and they rather condescendingly decided they'd give her an antibiotic.

I'll be getting a new pediatrician next week. I already have a prime candidate. One of my best friends recommended her ped who turns out to be someone I'd known as a child. Her mom and my mom are friends and I know she's a kick ass human being. Pray that she's accepting new patients because I'd like a doctor who believes that medicine involves actually administering medicine to your patients rather than stringing them along for three visits until it turns into the second case of pneumonia in three months. (The doc wanted us to come back Monday but my husband squared off in his chair and gave doc The Look of Death and doc decided that perhaps he'd give us meds after all.)

The snow amounted to a total amount of what you saw on the dog's back. Texas Dandruff.