Saturday, November 24, 2007

The only thing left...

...of our holiday meal is some gravy and a few sweet potatoes. I'm thinking that Starbucks should round up all the leftover gravy and offer Gravy Lattes.

Meanwhile, I am in search of a jackety blazer kind of thing. Basically, I want a sort of gussied up blazer, but not gussied up in the Anthropologie vein. I tried on every damn jacket in that store and was increasingly horrified at the succession of ugly. I really, really wanted the red wide wale corduroy one. Until I tried it on and found out that the sleeves were excessively puffy. Linebacker Liz! Another featured a collar that made me look like a turtle. Yet another was a tease on the hanger and ended up making me look like something out of a David Bowie video from the Ziggy Stardust oeuvre. And not in a good way.

Banana Republic had a black velvet blazer. It completely lacked any style whatsoever.

J Crew was all knits. Gap? Ha!

There has to be a happy medium out there.