Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bean always has some hilarious pretend going. Her bathroom has a separate bath and shower and these days, prior to her bath, she likes to go in the shower stall and "have meetings". Most of these meetings involve quite a bit of singing. After all, the acoustics in a shower can't really be beat.

So, one of her other pretends is that she is a teacher. She teaches the golden retriever class and will get on her scooter (we clean off the scooter and let her ride it inside as well since she understands that inside means not being a speed demon) and lead the class. Tonight she told me her teacher name: Mrs. Martinis. I found this too funny. She just misunderstood the name of one of the first grade teachers: Mrs. Martinez but the grade school teachers I know are all happy to be Mrs. Martinis once school lets out!