Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Playdate of Dooooooooooooooooom

One of Bean's friends came over for a playdate today with his little brother.

The damage assessment:

Dog running around yard at top speed suddenly started yelping and now has an inexplicable limp. I've felt all over her leg and she's not whimpering or anything. She walks around, just suddenly has a limp. This is not good but hopefully it's not Not Good.

My dead grandmother's really pretty lamp with the glass lampshade was slammed into the wall and now has a less pretty lampshade. Glue-able and I'll turn that part to the back. Sad, but nobody was hurt so I'm going to be philosophical.

Bean fell off the hammock and whacked her leg on the hammock pole.

P.'s little brother whacked the heck out of him with a stick.

On the plus side, no bleeding or fires!