Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pre-Dawn Manuevers

Excuse me whilst my brain takes a little giggle break to recall the Eddie Izzard riff on Dr. Heimlich and his maneuvers.

Much better now.

And yes, I do mean pre-dawn. As in 5 o'clock am. That's morning am just in case you might be confused.

My favorite yarn store, The Woolie Ewe, has a ginormous annual sale the Saturday before New Year's Eve. When I say ginormous, I mean this is the kind of sale where late arrivals get 30% off. The sale is so good that people camp out for it. You can tell who used to camp out for concert tickets because they all have chairs and blankets and a big old Thermos.

It used to be that, if you got there before the owner, you received 40% of all yarn in the store. I've done it, but it's awfully early and I usually don't need all that much and my brain kind of goes into excess spree mode when confronted with that good of a deal on all that lovely yarn.

This year, from 5am until 8am the sale was 50% off of anything in the store. And I did "need" some lace needles.

I did manage to have some restraint. I bought precious little yarn*, going instead for 5 pair of Addi Turbo Lace needles, a copy of Kaffe Knits Again, an Ella Rae felted bag book that had some really groovy bags in it, and some yarn. I limited myself to buying yarn only for specific projects rather than the "oooooh look at that!" approach I have taken in the past.

Well, mostly. Three skeins of KSH fell into my bag (Marmalade is a really lovely orange), however, I am sure that I can find something (other than Birch or Kiri) to knit with them.

Now, off to recover.

*Upon further review, the three skeins of KSH were joined by enough Debbie Bliss Cathay for a shell and 4 skeins of Lang Silk Dream which I will use to knit Drifting Pleats from Knitting New Scarves. Still, I passed on the very lovely Mountain Colors afghan kit and the stack of Hanne Falkenberg sweater kits, so I feel the very model of restraint!