Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sleeping it off

Dr. Pig got up considerably prior to the crack of dawn to take his parents to the airport. Because it's really great to schedule your flight at 8am.

He came home and got back in bed and at some point Bean got up and got into bed with us. We spent pretty much the whole morning in bed and have now gotten our various selves bathed and dressed and are preparing to play the family Christmas present - Dance Dance Revolution. I predict alcohol will be involved on the part of the adults.

I'm mentally prepping for the big enormous giant fantasmagorical sale that always happens the Saturday before New Year's Eve. This year, it's everything in the store on sale, not just yarn. The bad news: it's from 5am to 8am for the big discount. The good news: Addi Turbo Lace Needles for 50% off (providing I get there in time for the grab)!

I've spent the past several days battling the Allergies of Death and am now tired and cranky and not much interested in anything requiring effort.