Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dizzy Lizzy

While I'm working up to face the Bless debacle, I decided I needed to cast on for a quick bit of gratification.

I've loved the Lizzy sweater in Naturally Noro since the book came out.

It has all of the characteristics I like most in a sweater. It's mostly stockinette with one key detail, in this case the ruffles, providing a bit of a punch. It has 3/4 sleeves!

I was very interested to read Stephanie's post about good quality yet inexpensive wool. It got me thinking about how I choose my own sweaters.

I'm short and I don't like bulk in my sweaters. No worsted cables for me. It isn't very cold here so, as much as I love wool, I have to be really careful about the design of the wool sweaters I knit. I've been knitting for 17 years or so and I have yet to knit a pullover sweater in wool. I need to be able to let the front hang open or I'll bake. Several years back, I bought enough Noro (color 124) to knit Butterfly. Then, I started hearing about how warm and toasty the sweater was. And this was from people who live in actual cold weather! Made me think twice. Ergo, Lizzy. It only uses 7-8 skeins of Kureyon.

Here she is!

I have the fronts and the sleeves completed. The fronts mostly match. I tried to pick two skeins of yarn that started pretty identical and got lucky with the rest. The color sequence changes at the top where I had to add a skein, but it's similar enough to not bug me at all.

This is pretty much instant gratification as far as the main part of the sweater. It's been soothing to have something quick. Even the ruffles look pretty simple. Only 5 rows! And it's SO much fun to watch the stripes emerge.