Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ignorance is Bless

A few months ago, I dug Bless out of her hiding spot and seamed her up. Then, she went back into hibernation, awaiting only a collar and her ends.

I knew the sweater wasn't fitting quite right, but I told myself all it needed was a good blocking. I tried it on yesterday. Blocking isn't going to fix one arm being two inches shorter than the other. Rats!

See where the right side looks a bit shorter at the collar and the armhole doesn't look as deep?

The hopeful person thinks, "Ah, it's just laying funny."

The hopeful person deludes themselves into thinking, "All I need to do is put a collar on this sucker and weave in the ends and Bingo!, new sweater."

I'm facing the reality that I'm going to have to diligently count every row on the good sleeve and then figure out if the problem with the bad sleeve (Bad sleeve! No biscuit!) is in only in the raglan (I know at least part of the problem is there) or in the sleeve as well (Next on News8! When sleeves go bad!).