Monday, January 21, 2008


My mother has a friend who is knitting caps for Army members in Iraq. Mom knitted a little bit quite a while ago, but never really picked it up so I'm teaching her.

It's been interesting. She's really eager to learn and a good student, but she's terrified of messing things up. Right now, I have her knitting a swatch. I told her that once she could knit more than five rows without me needing to see her work, I'd get her started on the hat ;>

I gave her the pair of In Vino Veritas Monkey socks. The more I saw the color develop, I sort of knew that those socks would be for her. They ended up the tiniest bit long for me, so they fit her perfectly. She was delighted and could barely bring herself to take them from me - although once she put them on she changed her mind!

I don't do well at knitting for others on a deadline, but I have no problem giving away a finished item. I start out knitting almost everything for me, but at some point, I'll start to feel a slight distance from the project. It's not a "crap, this is not going well and it's pissing me off" distance, it's just that I think my subconscious realizes that the finished item belongs with someone else.

I've been sorting through my stash and am planning a stash sale for next Monday. Rowan Kid Classic, Rowan Cork, Cotton Ease in the original bright colors, Alchemy Lone Star, Seacoast Handpainted sock yarn, Trekking XXL, Koigu, and lots of Socks That Rock including some 2006 Sock Club kits - yarn and pattern. There are probably a few things I'm forgetting, as well. Buy my stuff!!!