Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting it done

At long last, I finished the collar on Bookworm.

The collar instructions didn't make any sense to me, so I changed them up so the cable cross on the collar was a bit higher up. The collar is a bit short, so for next year I'll take out the bind-off and do one more repeat of the cable cross for some additional length. I'll probably have to lengthen the sleeves for her as well, so it'll all work out.

I knit the 2-3 year width and then knit about two inches longer than the 4-5 year length. It's a bit long this year, but it looks cute. I've found that many Rowan children's patterns are extremely wide, so I always size down in width. What I love about the Miss Bea's patterns is that they are very easily adapted for a larger child. I can see getting another 2 or 3 years of use out of my Miss Bea's pattern books. And, since many of the patterns use Rowan All Seasons Cotton, my stash of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease comes in very handy! For this one, I had a large stash of All Seasons Cotton (17 skeins for $40 on Ebay a few years ago).

I started a new sock, as well.

Embossed Leaves from Interweave. The yarn is Handmaiden Casbah in Seafoam. This yarn is indescribably luscious. The color variegations are light enough that they don't obscure the pattern. Normally, I loathe mint green with a passion, but it works here.

So, that's one more sweater off the WIP List and the second pair of socks started out of my 10 pair that I will knit this year. (I am trying to knit 10 pairs of socks, rather than a bunch of sad singletons as is my usual wont.)