Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vote for me!

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My sad tale is at the bottom. There are two Liz's, I'm the one who received a Fry Daddy for Valentine's Day.

I'll give you a few more details than I did in my comment.

Once upon a time, I was working full-time and getting my MBA part-time. I was a busy little bee. And I started dating this guy who was not so much Mr. Right as Mr. Right Now. At the first of our relationship, he had redeeming qualities, but over the course of the next year the redeeming qualities revealed themselves basically to be a silk dress on a pig. He was racist, inflexible and nothing was EVER his fault.

But, I really didn't see that much of him and I was just not up for what I knew would be the inevitable fallout from dumping him. So, I let things drag on and lo and behold, here was Valentine's Day.

He gave me a Presto Fry Daddy.

Now, I have never fried food at home. It's too messy and at that time I had a teensy galley kitchen original to the 1920s when my apartment had been built. The fridge was new, but I had my suspicions about the tiny range.

I'll eat fried food out, but mainly french fries. I'm just not a big fried food person.

But he got me a Fry Daddy as evidence of his undying love. Yes, he actually wrote that in the card.

He lasted about two weeks after that before I pulled the plug.

Doesn't that deserve a quick little vote?