Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Bean has had two loose teeth for several months now. The permanent teeth (lower fronts) are growing in behind the baby teeth. Last Friday, I saw that one was about ready to come out, and I just pushed down on it and et voila! Tooth Fairy Time.

Bean remarked that she was fairly certain that the Tooth Fairy brings "golden coins". I had just been to the Post Office and purchased stamps from the machine with a 10 dollar bill. Change is given in coins.

Dollar coins.

Sacajawea dollars.

Golden Sacajawea dollars!

Mama hit the jackpot on that one and Bean was mightily impressed with her golden dollar.

The remaining tooth became the Leaning Tower of Toof and listed and wobbled but hung stubbornly for the next few days. Yesterday, I decided that I had enough wobble to pop that one out. (Yeah, cringe all you want but it wasn't half as gross as The Wobbly Fang*. Plus, I started to get worried that she was going to fall or something and that sticky-outy tooth was going to go through her lip. She already has a bruise on the bridge of her nose from some injury during a playdate on Monday.)

I was out of the house at bedtime and Daddy forgot to give her the tooth to put under the pillow. The Tooth Fairy figured it out anyway.

*If I ever open a pub in England, I think I'm going to call it The Wobbly Fang.